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US coronavirus deaths surge past 3,000 mark: Live updates | News

The United States may toughen movement restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus, with the country now reporting twice the number of cases as China where the outbreak began late last year.

The US has nearly 163,500 confirmed cases, the highest number in the world. More than 3,000 people in the US have now died from COVID-19.


Around the world, more than 784,000 people have been confirmed to have the virus, and nearly 165,000 have recovered. More than 37,500 people have died.

Here are the latest updates.

Tuesday, March 31

09:40 GMT – Swedish economy to shrink by four percent in 2020: Finance minister 

Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson has said Sweden’s gross domestic product is seen shrinking four percent this year as the economy slumps due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have a very serious economic situation, both in Sweden and globally,” she told reporters. “This is both a demand and supply shock that is spreading between countries.”

The government has introduced a raft of measures, including subsidies for shorter working hours, tax rebates and loan guarantees and easier rules for claiming benefits, to ease the blow from the virus outbreak

09:30 GMT – March was biggest month on record for UK grocery sales 

British grocery sales soared 20.6% year-on-year in the four weeks to March 22, as shoppers stocked-up before the country went on coronavirus lockdown, making it the biggest month on record for grocery sales, industry data showed.

Market researcher Kantar said growth was driven by people shopping more frequently and buying slightly more, with the average household spending an extra 62.92 pounds ($77.36) over the four weeks.

09:20 GMT – Congo’s ex-president Yhombi-Opango dies of coronavirus 

Jacques Joaquim Yhombi-Opango, former president of the Republic of the Congo, has died after contracting coronavirus, his family said.

Yhombi-Opango died in a Paris hospital on Monday. He was 81.

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09:00 GMT – Some UK police may have gone too far in coronavirus response

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said British police on the whole have done a good job in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak though there may have been some individual instances of some officers going a little too far in enforcing a lockdown.

“The police are doing a difficult job and they are doing it well,” Shapps told Sky.

“I am sure there are individual examples where perhaps you look at it and think that is perhaps a bit further than they should have gone but in general terms I think the case is that if people help everybody out, including the police, by staying home and the rest of it, then there will be no problems.”

08:50 GMT – ‘Hunger will kill us before coronavirus,’ say Rohingya in India

Din Mohammad is doing everything possible in his power to keep his family and fellow Rohingya refugees healthy during a three-week lockdown enforced by the Indian government to fight the coronavirus.

For the past week, Mohammad, 59, who lives with his wife and five children in Madanpur Khadar refugee camp in the capital, New Delhi, makes rounds of shanties to ensure people are maintaining social distancing and keeping their huts made from wood and plastic sheets clean.

But he knows these measures are hard to implement in crowded refugee camps like theirs, where people live in cramped conditions lacking basic facilities like toilets and clean water.

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Coronavirus restrictions: Philippine poor suffer after closures (2:38)

08:45 GMT – Spain proposes EU budget to address coronavirus crisis

Spain’s Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez has proposed increasing the European Union’s budget to address the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Perhaps we should improve European cashflow, perhaps the European budget should be larger,” Gonzalez said on French radio station Europe1.

Gonzalez said the European Central Bank and the European Commission have announced efforts but that these fall short of the solidarity needed between European Union member states.



08:40 GMT – Bulgaria will have to raise $2.6 bn to deal with crisis: Finance minister

The coronavirus crisis will prompt Bulgaria to raise 4.2 billion levs ($2.36 billion) in debt this year to finance an expected fiscal gap and pledges for loan guarantees to businesses, its finance minister said.

Vladislav Goranov said that under an adverse scenario he expected the small and open economy to contract by 3% versus previous estimates of 3.3% growth.

On Monday, the government revamped its fiscal plans to run a deficit of 2.9% of economic output this year and raised the ceiling on new debt it can raise to 10 billion levs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

08:30 GMT – Thailand coronavirus cases reach 1,651

Thailand confirmed 127 new coronavirus cases and one death, a health official said.

The latest number raise the total number of confirmed infections in Thailand to 1,651 cases and 10 deaths.

08:20 GMT – Indonesia to suspend all foreign…

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