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NY Coronavirus: Live Updates – The New York Times

Coronavirus is accelerating its spread in New York, with potentially disastrous consequences, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said in a briefing on Tuesday in which he criticized the federal government’s response as woefully insufficient.

The case count is doubling every three days, and the peak of infection in New York could come as soon as two to three weeks, Mr. Cuomo said, outrunning earlier projections and threatening to put even greater strain on the health care system than officials had feared.

“We haven’t flattened the curve. And the curve is actually increasing,” Mr. Cuomo said. “The apex is higher than we thought and the apex is sooner than we thought. That is a bad combination of facts.”

Mr. Cuomo, who last week adopted a friendlier tone toward President Trump, chastised the federal government, which has so far sent 400 ventilators to New York City.

“You want a pat on the back for sending 400 ventilators,” Mr. Cuomo said. “What are we going to do with 400 ventilators when we need 30,000 ventilators? You’re missing the magnitude of the problem, and the problem is defined by the magnitude.”

Shortly after Mr. Cuomo’s comments, Vice President Mike Pence said on Fox News that the federal government had shipped 2,000 ventilators to New York on Tuesday and would send 2,000 more on Wednesday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said later that half those ventilators would be sent to New York City.

Mr. Cuomo, speaking at the Javits Center in Manhattan, a convention complex that the Army Corps of Engineers is turning into a 1,000-bed emergency hospital, said that the state now projects a need of up to 140,000 hospital beds to house virus patients, up from the 110,000 projected a few days ago. As of now, only 53,000 are available.

Up to 40,000 intensive-care beds could be needed.

“Those are troubling and astronomical numbers,” Mr. Cuomo said.

Mr. Cuomo said that New York was a harbinger for the rest of the United States.

“Look at us today,” he warned. “Where we are today, you will be in four weeks or five weeks or six weeks. We are your future.”

The governor also floated the idea of gradually letting young people and those who had recovered from the coronavirus return to the work force.

But when he was asked at the briefing about conservative commentators who have suggested that some human lives could be sacrificed in the service of restarting the economy, Mr. Cuomo bristled. “We’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable,” he said.

Other highlights from the governor’s briefing:

  • As of Tuesday morning, New York State had 25,665 cases, with 210 deaths. The state now accounts for nearly 7 percent of global cases tallied by The New York Times.

  • The state has so far procured 7,000 of the 30,000 ventilators it needs, which are in shortage as states compete with one another to buy them.

  • New York has tested more than 91,000 people — by far the most of any state, Mr. Cuomo said.

  • New York City has had 14,904 confirmed cases.

  • More than 3,200 people were hospitalized and 750 of those patients, or 23 percent, were in intensive care.

The number of people in New Jersey who have died in connection with the coronavirus jumped sharply on Tuesday, with 17 new deaths reported by Gov. Philip D. Murphy.

So far, 44 people have died in the state; nine of the deaths were associated with long-term care facilities.

“This is by far our largest single-day report of new deaths,” Mr. Murphy said.

So far, 3,675 people in New Jersey have tested positive for the virus, with 846 new cases reported on Tuesday afternoon. The state has the second-highest number of cases in the nation.

Mr. Murphy noted that officials had expected the numbers to rise as the state’s testing capacity increased.

“We have been aggressive, particularly of late, in our testing regime,” he said.

To combat the outbreak, four federal field hospitals are being set up at the Meadowlands complex in East Rutherford, the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, the Atlantic City Convention Center, and an urban search-and-rescue facility at a site that has yet to be determined.

Mr. Murphy also said the federal government was sending New Jersey 200,000 N95 masks and 84,000 respirators from the federal stockpile.

A group of New Jersey celebrities in Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Whoopi Goldberg posted a video online meant to promote the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, which will direct money to existing organizations helping to fight the coronavirus’s spread in the state.

In the video, Mr. Springsteen discusses the needs of health care workers and of those in New Jersey who have been infected. Ms. Goldberg urges viewers to recognize that anyone can get sick. Danny DeVito gives a shout-out to Asbury Park, where he grew up, and lists famous New Jersey musicians who can help entertain those sheltering indoors. And Jon Stewart…

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