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Locals worried as people still head to Rocky Mountains despite COVID-19 pandemic

It’s long been Alberta’s playground. Many flock to the mountains on the weekend to de-stress and get away.

COVID-19 cases in Alberta now at 226; 16 suspected to be community transmission

To the bewilderment of residents who live in places like Canmore and Bragg Creek, Saturday seemed to be no different. In fact, some residents said their communities were downright bustling despite the COVID-19 pandemic and pleas from governments to stay home.

 “It didn’t seem much different than any other normal busy weekend. The parking lot at the Nordic Centre was full. Some trailhead parking lots were full,” said longtime Canmore resident Ann Keith. 

Many stores are closed but there are some restaurants and coffee shops still open in the tourist town.

Keith, who has a 97-year-old mother living in a seniors’ lodge under lockdown in Canmore, worries people are just not getting the message.

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“[Saturday] was the day when it reached its ultimate. I think we were already having difficulty getting the message out to our own community and now we have people from others communities who clearly aren’t getting it,” said the retired realtor.

Alberta seniors’ care centre COVID-19 restrictions isolate some families

Canmore Mayor John Borrowman said the Nordic Centre is officially closed but people aren’t being stopped from skiing there.

“My message to everybody: there are very few businesses that are actually open for visitors. Really, there isn’t very much to do for people stopping in downtown Canmore. On the other hand, it’s very healthy for Canmore residents and others to de-stress in the outdoors as long as they are being very careful,” Borrowman said.

The town has yet to declare a local state of emergency but Borrowman said nothing is off the table.

“If the health authority suggests we should be more stringent and shut down parks and trails, then we will. It’s changing so quickly,” Borrowman said.

Long wait times at Coutts border crossing as COVID-19 travel restrictions set in

Pictures posted to social media on Saturday afternoon showed cars lined up on the road outside an already crammed parking lot at the entrance to popular Elbow Falls in Kananaskis Country.

Monica Niederlich told Global News that she and her boyfriend wanted to walk in the mountains far away from people only to discover everyone else had the same idea.

“We decided to go see what Elbow Falls would be like [Saturday]. When we got there around noon, we saw a large number of vehicles. We immediately changed our minds and turned around,” said the Calgarian.

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Town of Cochrane closes playgrounds amid COVID-19 concerns

Provincial medical experts have encouraged Albertans to get fresh air while keeping a safe distance from others — but that may be hard to do if everyone is going to the same places.

“This has to stop. Everybody is working so hard to keep a lid on this. It just has to stop,” said Keith, who is now making it a personal mission to help spread this message.

Source Website Locals worried as people still head to Rocky Mountains despite COVID-19 pandemic

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