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Gov. Beshear confirms second death related to COVID-19; total cases at least 49

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – Gov. Andy Beshear held his daily update on COVID-19 cases and the state’s response.


Gov. Beshear said the state has had its second death related to COVID-19.

He said that person is a 64-year-old man from Jefferson County who died on Friday. Beshear said the man fell into the vulnerable category and multiple factors played a part in the man’s death.

He said the state now has at least 49 total cases. That includes a second child case, a 6-year-old.

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The new cases are in these counties: Anderson, Oldham, Clark, Daviess, Franklin, Harrison, Henderson, Kenton, Pulaski, Warren, Christian, two new cases in Fayette and two new cases in Jefferson

Governor Beshear said the lack of a positive test in Eastern Kentucky does not mean it is not there.

The governor said at least eight different labs are now providing testing in some form or fashion for Kentucky.

The governor also said health officials are seeing bigger numbers of people younger than 60 getting COVID-19, likely because they’re not following the guidelines for social distancing, avoiding crowds, etc.

The governor also said his office has gotten a lot of complaints from people saying their employers aren’t allowing them to maintain social distancing or aren’t cleaning well enough.

“Don’t be the Pike County bingo parlor I had to talk about yesterday,” Gov. Beshear said. “Don’t put people in harm’s way.”

Gov. Beshear urged people to remain calm and said we need to follow all of the guidance, but cases will still go up for a time. He said we need to then stick with the guidance even when the decrease begins.

During his press conference, Gov. Beshear also addressed the Senate’s version of the state budget saying he disappointed with it. The governor said the version they presented to him has cuts to Medicaid.

“We are not in a business as usual,” Gov. Beshear said. “We are in an American people vs. the coronavirus. And we cannot make those types of decisions. That’s being a bad neighbor.”

Gov. Beshear said he believes some items in the budget are also specifically meant as revenge against teachers at a time they aren’t allowed in the capitol building.

“It is mean and it is wrong,” Gov. Beshear said.

During his press conference, the governor reminded people the attorney general’s office has set up a new website so people can report price gouging.

The governor clarified his previous order about closing social gatherings. He said the order includes, but is not limited to, government gatherings, festivals and church services.

“It’s not an easy decision, but it’s an absolutely necessary decision,” Gov. Beshear said.

Beshear said online services and services broadcast on radio or TV are encouraged.

Gov. Beshear also said again he does expect school closures to be extended, but there is no announcement about that at this time.

The governor said the state’s food supply chain is safe, but he asked people when they shop to buy for a week and not a month.

Beshear said restaurants and bars will also be able to deliver alcohol, but there will be some restrictions, which will be posted on the state COVID-19 website.

Source Website Gov. Beshear confirms second death related to COVID-19; total cases at least 49

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