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Coronavirus live updates: Political clash over stimulus hits global markets; Doubts g

In China and Israel, the government can use cellphones to track those violating quarantine. In Italy and France, police give out fines to people caught outside in violation of lockdown rules.

In Australia, authorities are taking a different approach: Urging people to tell on their friends.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy warned Monday that Australians returning from abroad were failing to self-quarantine for 14 days, as the country’s latest regulations require.

“Every single Australian who lands on our shore, whether it’s from a cruise ship or a plane, or any other means of transportation needs to rigorously quarantine for 14 days now,” Murphy said, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. “So, if you know of anyone who has come back from overseas and is not quarantining, please come down very hard on them.”

He added, “You are placing your fellow citizens at risk if you don’t.”

Murphy also urged Australians to maintain social distancing, and admonished those not limiting their interactions and staying home as much as possible.

“This world could last for some time,” he said. “This is the world of social distancing. This is a new way of us interacting with each other all of the time.”

Cases in Australia have increased in recent days, rising to over 1,300 as of Monday morning.

Australia already banned the entry of foreign nationals who are not permanent residents in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

As of Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ordered all pubs, clubs, places of worship, and cinemas to close, as well as for restaurants and cafes to switch to takeout orders only.

Source Website Coronavirus live updates: Political clash over stimulus hits global markets; Doubts g

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